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easter weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Easter is my all time favorite holiday, and this year didn’t disappoint.  My sister, Ali was in town so that is always some good quality girl time – big and little.  I love watching my girls enjoy their auntie.

General Conference was this weekend – my favorite.  We had lots of things going on with Easter and backyard projects starting, but we tried to snag in the live sessions wherever we could.  I had such a sweet moment at home while our girls colored their conference packets and Brady and I listened to the words of our church leaders.  My heart was so full, I thought it would burst right out of my chest.  God has done so much good work in my life, and I am so grateful.  

On Sunday, the girls woke up and searched for their hidden Easter baskets (sans candy this year, bad mom moment!).  After our Easter breakfast, Stella came to sit with me on the couch while I nursed Grae.  She said, “Mom, I know that Jesus died for us.” I got chills as she continued, “He died on the cross, and his mom, Mary, said the sweetest thing! She said ‘Don’t kill him! He’s my son!’ Sad, huh.” I agreed that was very sad and I thought about that moment in a way I hadn’t ever before.  She said, “3 days later, he rose again and said to his mom, ‘don’t touch me, I haven’t seen my dad yet.'” We then talked about how that’s when Jesus made it possible for us to live with God again.  Jesus unlocked the gates of Heaven, we were told during our conference sessions.  I was so surprised by how much she knew about it, since I wasn’t the one to teach her.  In fact, I didn’t even know all of those details.  There have been so many moments that I have learned from my girls about Our Savior, and I am so grateful for their loving example.  The true meaning of Easter was all around us.

After the morning session of conference, we headed up to Pine Valley where our sweet friends were blessing their new little baby.  What a special day!  Tears fell down my cheeks as Seth blessed his darling girl and the spirit filled the room all around us.  What a neat experience, and one I’m so glad we were able to share.  Pine Valley chapel is so neat!  You enter the doors and can feel you’re in a sacred place.

The perfect ending to our Easter Sunday was a family bbq full of cousins.  Two out of my three sisters were here and it was so nice to let the girls enjoy some of their Salt Lake cousins.  We can never see to get all four sisters together at once, but I try to soak up the time we have no matter what.  This Easter was a beautiful one, and possibly my most favorite yet.  Our day was just light and easy and filled with so much goodness.  I sure know that Our Savior lives and loves!

General Conference is something I look forward to every time!  There were some great messages this weekend.  You can catch up here!

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miller holiday pictures 2013

This year I got majorly behind.  December snuck up on me and I hadn’t figured out holiday cards or pictures which is super unlike me.  I had kind of decided to just wait and not do a family picture this year because we’re having a baby in 3 months and it will be outdated soon anyway.. still the thought of not documenting THIS time was eating away at me.  When we were blessed with that snowstorm a few weeks ago, I decided that day we would try our hand at a family picture with the help of my tripod in our good ol’ backyard.

For being totally and completely last minute and unplanned, it was actually our smoothest family pictures to date.  The girls behaved, it took all of 5 minutes and I didn’t have time to obsess ahead of time about clothes, etc.  It was quick, but I managed to get a few shots I loved.  I barely got our cards out before Christmas (thank you to Miss @ericapatten for helping me with my card design!), but I did get them out!  I wish I could have sent one to each one of you!  Thank you for loving my family and for caring about keeping up with us. :)

Kisses to all of you from the Millers!

I’m hoping normal blog posting will resume in the new year – until then, keep up with me on instagram @cassmiller.  Any suggestions of what you want to see more of on this blog for 2014?
(Besides our new baby girl, of course! ;) )

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Ali and her family

It was nothing but pure joy to meet Ali and her sweet family.  Ali and Kellan are entering an exciting period of their lives and I was so happy to get to photograph them for it.  They were up for something a little different for their session, so we headed up to pine valley (which is just SO beautiful!  Does everyone want sessions there this year? I’m down.) and shot away.  My heart was so so happy with every aspect of this session.  Its made me excited for the busy season coming up.  Ali is also the owner of Cliffrose Lodge in Springdale where Brady and I stayed for our anniversary.  To tell you what kind of people are running that place, about 3 hours after we had checked out and left, I realized I didn’t have one of my wedding bands.  I called the Lodge KNOWING it wouldn’t have turned up, but guess what?  It did! House keeping turned it into the front desk.  I was beyond thrilled.  If you’re ever staying in Springdale, check out the Cliffrose.  We can’t recommend it enough!

**side note** I am still sifting through emails of families who want to model for me.  I can’t choose everyone, but I’m so excited about the entries I’ve gotten so far!  I’m hoping to get back with you all very very soon! :)

I am also booking September-November right now.  I hope I can photograph your family this year!  Email me at cassmillerphoto (at) gmail (dot) com.

Love to you all on this cloudy Tuesday!

xo, C

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photography and me

Photography and I have had an interesting year in our marriage together.  I have always been the ever faithful spouse to Photography.  Devoted to spending time with it, anxious to improve our relationship together, always placing it near the top of the priority list, showering it with attention at my every chance.  I’ve been good to Photography, and in turn, Photography has been good to me.  We get each other, the world gets us, it’s all come so naturally – not without growing pains – but still naturally.

This year, Photography and I have had what some might call “the 7 year itch”.  (It hasn’t exactly been 7 years, but 5 year itch didn’t sound as serious).  I’ve been going through some things and Photography hasn’t been a real shoulder to cry on.  Photography has just asked more of me in a time I felt like I couldn’t give more.  We took some time apart and began to date each other casually.  I realized Photography gets me in a way no other thing does.  I love it dearly, I really do.  I needed to figure out where my heart was.  Was I in this for the long haul, or not?

Photography had been a little stubborn, but decided to come back around.  We started seeing more of each other and I began to fall in love with it again.  I became excited about it again.  It’s no longer one more thing on my to-do list, but the thing that helps me get through all my other stuff.  As in any marriage, overcoming each struggle makes our relationship stronger and I’m excited to see where this fresh new outlook takes us.

I am currently booking through the rest of 2013.  Last year I booked up by August, so if you’re wanting me for your family pictures this year – and you know I want you – let’s get to chatting about it.  I am wanting to focus on birth and home story sessions primarily, but now through November I am taking on-location family sessions for $375.  Message me for the deets. (you know you want to!)

****I am also looking for models for up coming projects! Hooray! ****

I am looking for families of about 4-5, preferably with younger children.
Must be comfortable shooting in your home.
Must be down for a super good time. :)
Email me a picture of your family and tell me a little about yourselves.
I wont be able to take everyone, but I will be offering discounts to anyone I can’t shoot for this project!

So enough already with my baggage, let’s move on to prettier things….

I am kicking off the busy season with possibly THE most beautiful family around.  I love this mama dearly as she was my birth coach/therapist/friend/soul sister and she was one of the only people who witnessed my sweet Stella’s birth.  If you are having a baby, contact her about her Bradley classes.. I promise you wont regret it – Pinky swear!

Trisha is just getting ready to send her oldest boy out on an LDS mission so naturally we had to do some family pictures.  I loved this session so much!  Can’t wait to see them all back in 2 years! ;) 


Love to you all on this happy Wednesday!

xoxo, C

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