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9 months in, 9 months out

My sweet Major has officially been in my arms as long as he was in my belly.
I remember when this original picture was taken, on my due date, 9 months ago.
My tail bone was sore, my ribs were wrecked, my stomach was stretched so far.
I told Brady that night, “I wonder if this is your big strapping son in here and that’s why I’m so uncomfortable.” (it was)
I remember so clearly the feelings of anticipation as I was about to give birth and see what that sweet little bundle would be – boy or girl.
I had visions of what our family dynamic would look like, and change, and all the bittersweet-ness that comes in those last days of pregnancy.
But nothing at all could have prepared me for the love that was headed our way.
These 9 months have been some of my very happiest.
Major brought contentment to our family.
And maybe he wont be the last, and maybe he will.
One thing is for sure though, he’d be a great note to end on.

So very glad that big ol’ belly brought me my sweet little honey man.
Worth every single popped-out rib, ten fold!


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I’m going to have four kids soon.


Soon, I am going to have this baby.  Not too soon? Maybe way soon? It feels like that right about now.  For some reason, I feel compelled to take a photo of my belly every single day and document exactly the feelings in my heart right now.  My mind and heart are BURSTING with feelings and thoughts and I know the minute this baby is born, all of it will fizzle out into hormonal tears and I wont recall a bit of this week – maybe my last week of pregnancy.  That is a weird thing about having a baby.

The idea of having another baby in the house on the surface feels a little overwhelming, but I know that with each baby comes this capability in myself as a mother.  I may feel maxed out right now, but as soon as that new little person gets here, I will have room in my heart, room in our family, room in our life for it.  It is a special amount of room that has been pre-carved just for this baby, and once I discover it, I’ll never know how he/she wasn’t here the whole time.  But I believe this little being really was etched in my soul the whole time.  And the closer I get to meeting him/her in person, the more familiar that little spirit is feeling to me.  I get little glimmers of familiarity, that sometimes I almost feel like it’s missing because it’s not here yet.  It’s a special place to be.  I always forget about this phase until I’m here again and I remember feeling this way about each of my little souls before they came into the world.

Yesterday I finished up the last of all the things I needed in preparation for this baby.  The laundry is done and folded (thank you so much, Cher!) the cradle is set up, the newborn diapers are unboxed… Each time I see that little cradle in the corner of my room I feel like my heart is going to swell out of my chest.  Last night I noticed Stella had placed a few books on the window sill next to the baby’s bed, and placed a few small toys and a fresh blanket in the cradle.  We are all so happy to be adding this baby to our family.  I hope that wherever it’s little spirit is right now, it can feel the love we already have for it.

This week I feel a sense of contentment that I haven’t felt in quite some time.  I have felt capable, and strong, and fulfilled, and happy.  I have craved contentment for months and this week it has seemed to wrap around me like a favorite blanket.  The stress of life has calmed down some, my emotions seem to be in a good place this week.  It is calm here and I hope to keep it that way for as long as I am able.  I also feel God so close to me this week, which has blessed my life and my heart deeply.  I feel like I’m getting answers to overdue prayers, and I have this clarity and peace that only comes with the spirit filling my heart.

In our travels and encounters over the duration of this pregnancy, we have had a lot of comments on “Four?!” kids.  There was a time these comments would have made me feel uneasy and insecure, but thankfully I am in a chapter in life that feels like this life was made just for me – I know it was, actually.  And the idea of having four of my very own children filling the walls of my home- almost to the point of overflowing makes me happier than anything else could.  I am going to have four kids soon and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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the bump – 37 weeks

This week has been such a good, happy week.
I am feeling so content and happy.
This has been a stressful pregnancy with a lot going on, and I am so glad to have a little calm come over our lives for a while.
I’ve cooked a few meals this week and have felt those tinges of hope come back that I will be myself soon.
I’ll have my body back and I’ll be capable of all the things I was capable of before.
I had my now weekly appointment this week with Janae. (weekly!!) She is always so good at calming my nerves and helping me feel so much better about every little detail.
Baby is still head down and posterior.  I’ll be doing pelvic rocks and side-laying to get him/her to flip over, but even if this little one stays put, we’ll be fine.
Not my first sunny-side-up babe.
I am just 2 lbs away from being exactly where I delivered all my girls.  So funny that my body always finds the exact weight, even when it starts on a completely different number.
I started my 5 week formula when we got home from California.  So surreal to already be at this point.
Last night Brady and I strolled through target getting our last minute baby things like diapers, nursing bras, a new robe for me.. I was remembering so vividly when we were doing that for our first baby.
There is a calmness about welcoming our 4th.  We know what to expect, we know the routine, we’re actually experts by this time – having been raising babies and kids for 7+ years now, but the anticipation and excitement is still just the same as it was with that first baby.
The surprise gender is starting to reeeeeally make me anxious.  I have really enjoyed not knowing what we’re having so much, but the nerves are getting to me this week!
Like – what if it’s a boy? What in the world will I do with him?  What if it’s a girl? What in the world will I name her?
Things like that.
I am also so curious to see what this little one will look like.  Grae threw us a huge curve ball with her giant blue eyes.  Will it resemble me? Will it be Stella’s little twin? What coloring will this one have? So fun to see how genetics come together.
Food is hit or miss with me – the only thing I could eat every single day is Pasta Factory’s Poppyseed Chicken Salad.  I could eat it for every meal.  It’s all I ever want.
My sweet tooth may be dying down a bit.  I have been such a chocolate lover this pregnancy but my heartburn has gotten worse and I think it’s slowed me down a bit.
Soda tastes good to me again, so I’m loving my swig runs.
I must chew alllll the ice alllll the time.  (which is probably why I’m liking swig so much these days.)
I’m back to eating tomato toast every morning for breakfast – toast, mayo, cheese and tomatoes.  Heaven.
My biggest complaint this pregnancy has been my aching ribs.  Last week I could barely straighten my left arm without feeling a shocking pain to my ribs.  I went to the chiropractor and had THREE ribs out of place.  I felt better almost immediately once he popped them back in.
I have had a cough now for 5 whole weeks.  I have felt like I was on the tail-end for the last 3 weeks! It has been such a killer.  I even got on an antibiotic before we went on vacation and I think it helped, but I’ve still been coughing every day.  It’s been torture with my sore ribs and a giant baby shoved up underneath them trying to cough.  No wonder they’ve taken such a beating!
I’ve had some mild sciatica and the normal aching hips – but my ribs keep me occupied with complaining.
I think this has been my most uncomfortable pregnancy – and I’ve been uncomfortable for quite a few weeks now.
Every time I say that someone says “yeah, that’s the fourth baby!” So if you are planning on having 4 kids.. be warned.  Each one is a little harder on the ol’ bod.
I have to nap pretty much every single day, even if it’s just for a quick cat nap.  If not, I seriously can’t keep my eyes open by dinner time.  It’s ridiculous.
Today I said “I’m going to try to skip my nap today and do something productive.” But Brady reminded me that napping is productive when you’re 9 months pregnant.
It’s true.  My biggest job right now is taking excellent care of myself as this baby relies on me these last few weeks.
We are just getting so ready to meet this precious little one and see how it is our perfect missing piece.♥

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the bump – 30 weeks

Goodness Grace! I am already 30 weeks along.
The last 12 weeks of this pregnancy have seriously gone by in a blink.  I could actually use a little slow down about now.
I have done exactly nothing to prepare for this sweet little babe.
I need to start getting my baby stuff together!
I’ve learned that how you prepare for a surprise baby is… you don’t.  Other than a handful of white onesie and some newborn diapers… I got nothin’. ;)
If I had to guess this week what I’m having, I would say girl.
We have been talking about names this week.  We are currently at the stage of naming that we’re sick of all our options and hate everything. ha!
I’m hoping taking a breather from discussing names will help us come back to it with fresh ears.
At least we have a list of a few to narrow it down from.
My birth is just right around the corner.
I have slacked off reading this go-round (actually I borrowed my birth books out to someone and can’t remember who!) I’ll be placing an order today to get things moving.
I have found that reading birth books is my best preparation.  Knowledge is power and I always feel so empowered when I read a few pages from Ina May.
I’ve started prepping for the big day, making a list of things I want/don’t want.
I want to focus on having a very calm environment this time.  When I had Grae, we had moved just two days before, so things were pretty chaotic.  I know things will be much more relaxed this time no matter what, but I’m hoping to be more intentional about it.
I have assigned Brady to make me a laboring playlist.  I never really think about this and then after I have a baby I realize it would have been nice to have music playing.
I got a birth tub last time and I was so glad.  I’ve never actually had my babies in the water, but I really love it for laboring. I’ll be doing that again this time, and maybe I’ll actually have a water birth this time.  I always play that part by ear.
Labors and kids can be tricky.  I had Grae in the middle of the night while the girls were sound asleep.  They have made me PROMISE this time I would wake them up so they can see what goes on during labor and delivery.  I plan on having some things for them to do, like quiet games and new movies – things that can keep them busy while they wait for the baby to come.  When the time comes they may choose to stay in the room with me or wait out in another room and either way is okay with me.  Depending on the time of day, we’ll figure Grae out.  We’ll likely just have someone who is solely in charge of her. If I have this babe in the night, we’ll just let her sleep. :)
I have also found I do better with a very limited number of people around during my labors.  We’ll have the bare minimum to get everything taken care of, but I always make it clear to everyone that I pretty much only like Brady and my midwife while I’m in labor. ;) Having too many people around makes me anxious while I’m so vulnerable.
One thing that I am really making a point to do this time is to not rush calling everyone and posting and all that.  I just want me and B to have that time together, and the girls to have all the time they want/need to bond with their new little sibling.  There is so much time for all the calls and texts and visits later.  I always get excited and kind of jump the gun, but this time Brady and I really want to take a beat and just have that sacred time for our family, uninterrupted.
I will also be thinking a LOT more about what we need after the baby is here.  I plan to have some freezer meals stocked up as well as a fridge stocked with plenty of snack type foods, which is all I really eat after I have a babe.  It takes me some time to get my appetite back, but I need to eat to get my milk in and all that.  I love having things like granola on hand that I can grab any time of the day or night.  I’ve already started making a list of things I think of that will be nice to have when the baby comes.  Special snacks and drinks for the girls, stuff like that.
Having a baby around here is SUPER special and I want all the details to match the occasion. :)
I had my 30 week midwife appointment yesterday.  Baby is head down and posterior which means I have little limbs poking out all over the place, feet constantly in my ribs.
My belly is measuring 32.5 cm so it’s not in my head that my belly is bigger this time. Yikes!
I get comments asking how much longer and if I’m due any time now on the daily… at church especially.
Super fun to say “nope, actually I have two and a half months left!” ha!
Times I’ve been asked if I’m having twins so far : 3
I’ve gained more weight with each baby I’ve had, so we’re right on track! (although I’m really only a couple lbs more than I was with Grae at this point).
I find that I always weigh different at the beginning of pregnancies, and end up at the same by delivery.
Sleeping has gotten hard.  I can’t breathe.  I feel like someone is sitting on my lungs when I sit or lay down and I can hardly get any air though my nose if I lay down.  So weird.  I put Breathe oil on every night, but between fighting for breath, having a super wiggly baby in my belly, a squished bladder and barely being able to roll over, I usually look at the clock like every 20 minutes through the night.
I also already feel pretty achy.  My hips and feet are super sore by the end of the day.  I warm up my heating pad basically every night.
This baby is incredibly active.  It’s almost always moving, I swear.
This last week it started getting the hiccups. :) We have such hiccuping girls, so we always love this part.  The girls got a kick out of feeling them the other night.
We’re definitely feeling things getting closer! Some days I have mini panic attacks over having another baby in the mix, and other days it feels like we’re missing one.
I’m so grateful I’ve felt well.  That has been the biggest relief this pregnancy!
Hoping to make the most of these next ten weeks!

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