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Harlo’s baptism day

This weekend was a sweet one for our family as we celebrated Harlo’s baptism.

As Christians, we believe we are trying to follow Jesus Christ’s example.  It has been important to me to allow my children room to develop their own relationship with God.  I didn’t have a relationship with God until I was an adult, so I’m not exactly sure what that is supposed to look like for kids, but what I have found is that these children of mine are more of an example to me than I am to them.  Like praying when they need help with something, leaning into faith when they don’t have another answer, having forgiving hearts, loving unconditionally – like Jesus taught.  In areas that I over-think, my girls easily cling to truth.  Turning 8 in our church is special, because we believe it’s the time these children can clearly understand right from wrong, they can start to understand how the holy spirit guides us, they can see goodness and truth.  So a baptism at this age just feels so fitting.  It has been so sweet for me to watch Harlo mature in this way, and I am so excited for what is in store for this precious girl of mine.

For Mr. Miller to be able to baptize our girl was such a special milestone for us.  Harlo is our constant reminder of how far we’ve come in this life, and she was the perfect strong soul to push us to be better, do better, love better.  We truly are eternally grateful she came to us.

With each and every milestone that passes, I can see so clearly why Harlo was sent here first, as the head of our children.  She was naturally born with the unique gifts she would need for this role in our family.  I loved watching her younger siblings so eager and excited to watch her.  Grae and Stella have been talking about their own baptisms and how they too want to be baptized just like Harlo.  Harlo has been excitedly telling them all the inside details, how she feels, and how excited she is to see them be baptized some day, too.  As their mother, there is nothing better in the whole world than seeing them love and support each other in their own little ways.

At the end of the night, as I tucked the girls in for bed, I asked Harlo, “What was your favorite part of the day?” (between wearing a fancy dress, having a baptism, a special after-party with her favorite things, and being the guest of honor) she sighed and said, “Just being baptized.” and Stella chimed right in, “That was my favorite part too, Harlo.”

Bless their little hearts.


♥ ♥ ♥

(photos: cher houston photography)

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Anchoring to Happiness

Mr. Miller and I often talk about how we can do better, be happier, live fuller.  I love this part of our relationship.  I love feeling like Mr. Miller brings out the best in me.

Yesterday I was telling him that when I feel down or unhappy, I try to think of a time I was the very happiest.. I anchor myself to that time and try to recreate those feelings.  Was I feeling very spiritual in that time?  Was I feeling very domestic and peaceful at home?  Was I doing fun things with my family?  Then I try to bring those aspects into my current life and it always helps snap me out of a funk.

I was curious, “When is a time that you felt like we were the very happiest?  Our family was good, our marriage was good, our spirituality was good..” I asked my Mr. Miller.

“I think right now.” he answered.

As he said these words, I could so clearly see God’s hand in our lives.  This year has been SO FULL of highs and lows, and we really have found ourselves in such a happy time after a stormy season.  This happiness has been hard-won and very deserved.  I have learned so much about forgiveness this year – something I didn’t realize I needed to understand so well until I was brought face-to-face with it.  Forgiveness of others, forgiveness of my past, forgiveness of myself.  Mr. Miller has been my anchor as I have dealt with a lot this year, and now it seems that the things that weighed so heavy don’t weigh as heavy anymore.  I am lighter now, and I am better for my trials.

I am so grateful for the atonement.  This is what the atonement is –> forgiveness.  Through the atonement, we can forgive.  Through the atonement, we can be forgiven.  Through the atonement, we can live happy lives despite problems, or worry, or stress, or tough relationships.  I have really learned that this year and my testimony of God is better for it.

This year was a learning/growing year, and I am hoping that next year I can share the faith, knowledge, and lessons I’ve learned.

(photo credit : ashley flowers photography)

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Light The World

A couple of months ago, I attended such a neat conference as a special guest to the LDS church and their marketing team.  We were privileged to be shown a preview of the Christmas campaign, and as we watched and the tears fell, the sweetest spirit filled the room.

Our family is joining in the Light The World campaign (which starts tomorrow!) and I invite you to do the same!  This will be such a sweet way to spread the meaning of Christmas, and I am looking so forward to it.  Watch this video for a dose of Christmas spirit.  Mr. Miller and I watched it in bed last night, and we will be presenting it to our little Millies tonight.

I love being a part of this wonderful church, and I love being able to help share it’s efforts of spreading goodness in this world.  Join me!

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Hope Works

I am super excited about a new project the mormon channel is working on to bring us incredible stories from incredible people.  I have been flipping through as many as I can in these last few days, and my heart is being filled to the tippy tippy top!

When I was new to faith, (and I mean.. new to God, new to even praying, not just new to a new religion) I really wanted to know what faith even looked like to real people.  Is this something everyone is doing?  How has this changed and affected people really?  This curiosity is what drives me to now talk about faith on this blog and in my real life in an effort to spread hope.  I continue to thirst for answers and inspiration in other peoples stories.  I love that we ALL bring something different to the table in regards to our own faith.  It really is an incredible thing.  If you are looking for a little boost in life, love, and spirituality – be sure to click on over to the Hope Works channel, and I promise you will find it.

This morning I listened to Tiffany Webster’s talk on The Perfect Lie.. my goodness, WE ALL NEED TO HEAR THIS.  I will be playing this over and over this week to make sure I get every last drop of wisdom from it.

And if you need me to remind you how God took my own broken life and made it into something completely new, and whole, and wonderful… let this picture be that.

 photo by Ashley Flowers Photography

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