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makeup monday

I am back in the swing of things at home after our busy, bustling March… It only took me 10 days into April to recover. ;)

Today I am excited to share a sweet makeover.  Did you know I have done makeup on the side for about 13 years?? It’s true.  I started up a little side business in High School doing  hair and makeup for prom.. then as I grew up that meant sometimes for brides and photos.. It’s always been a fun, creative past time of mine.  I think often makeup gets a bad rap for women thinking they “need” it to look better, but I disagree.  I think makeup is a fun way to express yourself, enhance what is naturally yours, and feel good as we head out into the day.  Today’s makeover is a perfect example of enhancing natural beauty.

Meet Scotty…

Scotty is one of the sweetest girls I know, and I have been lucky enough to do her makeup on a few occasions.  She has the most gorgeously shaped piercing blue eyes, and such a natural sweetness in her smile.  Scotty is graduating in a couple of weeks and so we got her ready for senior pictures. I did her entire face with Maskcara Cosmetics.

Colors used:
Highlight – White peach + a touch of moonlit under her eyes
Contour – Stone
Blush – Desert Sunset on cheeks and lips
Illuminator – Honey

Oak to line her eyes, and also shade her brows.
Bright Eyes to contour the creases.
Sabrina on her eyelids and just under her brows.

30 second HAC brush
i shadow everything brush for liner, brows and eyes
B squared blush brush
Every single thing fit right into my mini double decker!  Man, I love this makeup.

I do love doing makeup, but I also want to really teach people how to do their makeup.  I’m working on putting a package together that would do just that, as well as working on tutorials here on the blog.  If you want to see certain looks or have ideas for videos here, please share!

As always, I’m here to help! If you want to get started with Maskcara, email me for a color match and I’ll get you all set up!
Already know what you need? Shop HERE.

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Beauty Routine

I always want to know what skin care products people are using – cheap, expensive, hidden gems, moisturizers, cleansers, etc. Since today is the day for lovers and you are all wanting to look your best, I am sharing my “before makeup” beauty routine with you today and some products I have found and love.


FACE WASH – First and foremost, I try to wash my face every single night.  This is a tough habit to make stick and an impossibly easy habit to let slip –  but when I find myself getting out of routine, or using makeup remover wipes one too many times in a week, I tighten things back up.  If you are terrible at washing your makeup off at night, let me tell you – commit to doing it every day for ONE week.  After that, I promise you won’t be able to sleep with makeup on.  I sleep sooooo much better when my face is clean and I love waking up to a fresh face without having to rush my beauty routine.

My tried and true face wash is a gem I discovered 10 years ago while working for a dermatologist.  Nothing had ever worked better for my skin.  I lost track of it after I worked there and recently found it again last year.  I am happy to say it works just as well as it did those years ago!  It gently exfoliates leaving my face feeling so clean and soft, and it’s benzoyl peroxide fights my acne.  Every single acne medicine dries and irritates my face, but this wash has been a miracle worker.

SUNLESS TANNER – Because my face is always covered in sunscreen, and I exfoliate nightly, the skin on my face is always whiter than the rest of my body.  One serious beauty hack I’ve found is using a sunless tanner on my face.  When I get out of the shower, while i’m still in a towel, I step back into my shower and do a quick spray over my face, starting at the top spraying in horizontal motions from side to side, I do my forehead, nose and cheeks area, and chin and jawline.  I dry it a bit with a blow dryer (especially if I’m in a hurry to get ready *cough* always), and voila! New woman.  It looks totally natural and just adds a little color to bring some life back into my face so my makeup doesn’t have to work so hard.  Days I skip this step, I always feel sickly.

MOISTURIZER – I have to say I was a little undecided when I first tried maskcara beauty’s MILK, it was unlike any moisturizer I had ever used before – and to me it smelled like breast milk, which hit a little close to home for this nursing mama.  But I’m so glad I kept using it for a few days in a row because I can honestly say it has been life changing for my skin.  LIFE CHANGING.  I have battled dry skin on my face for years, and now my skin feels and looks like my baby’s hydrated cheeks.  My makeup goes on like a dream, and I swear it has reduced the appearance of my wrinkles.  I literally feel like I have a new face and now I understand what all the fuss is about.  I feel like at 27 my skin took a bit of a turn and was starting to age, but I feel like MILK totally bumped me back to my  youthful 23 year old glow.  I have found my favorite time to apply it is after I wash my face at night, so it has the night time hours to really settle in and I’m not battling grease when I put my makeup on in the morning.

CC Cream (and sunscreen!) – Before I put on my iiiD foundation, I apply my It Cosmetics CC cream for the sunscreen benefits.  This step isn’t necessary for the iiiD foundation because it is a med – full coverage foundation, but I am a big believer in sunscreen (it has SPF 50 in it) and instead of just using a moisturizer with sunscreen, I love the benefits of the CC cream.  It goes on really light and smooth, adds a little extra coverage if I need (hello hormonal acne) and I feel like it’s the perfect mate for my iiiD foundation.  Pretty much, I just can’t quit it.  I use one pump of product as a base for my foundation.

After that, I am ready for my makeup! When I take care of my skin, my beauty routine is so much quicker and looks so much better!

(this blog post contains affiliate links)

Remember if you are waiting to try Maskcara iiiD foundation but need to know your colors, email me a picture heygirl(at)cassmiller(dot)com and I’ll get you matched! xo

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makeup monday

I’ll be working on some makeovers and beauty tips for this makeup segment.  I’m hoping to collect a few beautiful faces to feature here, so if you want a little makeover, email me – heygirl(at)cassmiller(dot)com!  Today I’ll kick it off with a little before and after of me using maskcara iiiD foundation.  The left is a freshly clean face, the right is after my daily 5 minute makeup.

If there’s something I love most about maskcara iiiD foundation, it’s how natural it looks.  I don’t look like an entirely different person after I’ve put it on, I’ve just enhanced my natural features and brightened myself up a bit.  I look like a well rested, freshly vacationed version of myself. ;)

HAC colors used: highlight – aura, contour – stone, blush – desert sunset (current favorite!), + pearl illuminator.
Eyes: oak in the crease, lined in trust.
(shop everything I used HERE)

Quick and easy.

A little more info on Maskcara Cosmetics:

I’ve gotten loooots of emails for color matching – we are working on making that simpler for you with a link on the blog to send your pic and get a quick response! Until then, keep the emails coming! I’m happy to help you find your colors and get you on your way.

I’ve also had emails asking about joining my team.. I hate to brag (ha!), but I literally have the best team already.  When you sign up with me, you get access to our private facebook page full of helpful info, as well as exclusive trainings held by me and a few other experts I’ve got up my sleeve, and plenty of personal webinars for my long-distance ladies!  I want to make sure you have the support you need to not only be successful, but enjoy it!  We have the best group of girls who are helping build each other up.  I knew this was going to be fun, but I really had no idea how much I’d enjoy it.  If you already use Maskcara makeup and recommend it to your friends, you’re already doing it, might as well join us! Sign ups are open again for a limited time! Join me HERE.


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life + style

Life : 

We have been beating the January blues with a quick road trip to freshen up our spirits, it was just what we needed.  We’ve got home projects starting again, hoping to actually finish this house of ours.  New floors will be going in, bathrooms remodeled, a couple other details and we will be good to go.  Finishing up the planning stages before we tackle it all. Woo!
I am more in love with having four kids than ever before.  Major has finally started sleeping, Grae is the funniest and cutest thing ever (balancing out her extreme spice), Stella has found her “thing” in gymnastics and twirls and flips around my house all day, Harlo has a real knack for piano filling my home with sweet little notes.. It seems we are in a real groove with life, and my heart feels like it’s doing the work it was made to do.  Other than the quickly passing time, I am in absolute heaven with this season I’m in.
Mr. Miller’s business just received the chamber of commerce “small business of the year” award, which feels like the biggest honor.  My husband is an honest, talented businessman and for him to get  publicly recognized for something so close to our hearts is so amazing.  Proud of him and the work he’s done these past 10 years.


Loungy, cozy style is how I’m getting through January.  I have actually really loved my decision to cut bangs – I feel like I’ve got a hairstyle going whether my hair is down and curled, or up in a messy bun.  Definitely been a welcome change.
Oversized sweaters are on a daily rotation.  Picked up some recently for 75% off at the gap outlet, and this cute one here is from Scout & Cloth.  I’ll be happy when warmer weather sets in, but I sure will be sad to have to tuck my big comfy sweaters away!
Black skinnies are Rockstars from Old Navy.. because seriously, $20 jeans.
Glasses I get asked about nonstop, firmoo!


Loving a super natural looking fresh face right now.  A quick highlight and contour (HAC) made simple with my maskcara pallet.  I’ve been keeping it simple on my eyes lining in oak eyeshadow with a little guilded on my upper lid.  I’m less than 5 minutes out the door.
If you’re needing help finding your right colors, shoot me an email to heygirl@cassmiller.com with a photo and I’ll color match you. ;)



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