I’m Cassidy Miller. I am a lifestyle blogger, photographer, writer and creative. I share our story of life here on this blog, with added bits of my passions and other lovey things. I love writing about my family, motherhood, faith, photography, fashion, home decor and my passion for making life beautiful.

Here are some questions I get asked most frequently by readers and friends here on the blog:

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging when my first baby was just a wee one in my belly.  I wanted a creative space to document her life – although I never thought a soul would be reading it.  Over the years, it has turned into the vehicle that drives my photography business and now is a community and creative outlet for me in all aspects.  I love this space, it is so very close to my heart and love hearing it has been an inspiration to others.  I encourage everyone to start a blog!

What camera/lenses do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 5D mark ii and have for a few years.  I love it and don’t feel the need for an upgrade anytime soon.  The lenses I use mostly are my 24-70mm 1.8 L canon lens and a 50mm 1.4 canon lens.  I like to keep my equipment as simple as possible and these two lenses fit nicely into my little photography family.

What photoshop actions (if any) do you use?

I love a really clean, bright and fresh feeling to my photos.  Almost all of my photos are edited with my own custom actions, which I just recently made available for purchase!  I rarely use other people’s photoshop actions, although I like to toy around with my vsco set here and there.

Did you really have a baby at home?

Yes! Two of my babies were born at home.  I love home birth and birth in general and talk about it a lot on my blog.  Being a woman is so amazing!  I’ve  had wonderful experiences delivering my babies.  I wrote about my recent home birth HERE.

Are you a christian?

Yes, we are members of the LDS church, or “mormons”.  We are followers of Christ, we put Him before all things in life.  We also believe that families are essential to  God’s plan for us here on Earth.  My passion and love for family is a primary belief of our religion.  To read more about what we believe, click here.

Your life seems perfect – does anything bad ever happen in your life?

Of course! I am human, just like everyone else.  On this very blog I have talked about hard times, struggling with post-partum depression, miscarriage, financial woes, converting to a new religion, feeling restless as a mama.  I definitely don’t only write about the “fluff” of life.  However, this blog is really my love-letter to my girls and husband.  It’s our history, and I want to look back on it with fond memories.  Writing also helps me have a happier perspective, which is a reason I have loved documenting our life in this way.  Of course my days are stressful sometimes, and I don’t react like I always wish, and sometimes my kids throw tantrums and I argue with my husband.. but those things are so small in comparison to how happy our life is and how blessed we really are.  This blog is my happy place, and I hope that even with posting some life struggles, it will always reflect happiness.

Where did you come up with your girl’s names?

This could be a whole post for another day, but all of our girl’s names have a significant meaning to us.  They’re named after family members, or special people to us, or after significant moments in our life.  All of my girls fit their names so well, and each has a story behind them.  I love that about their names.

Do you consider yourself a fashion blogger?

I do NOT consider myself a fashion blogger, per sey.  I started my segment “fashion friday” as a way to step out of my comfort zone because I was perpetually dressed in jeans and a plain t-shirt or sweats.  I had so much fun putting myself out there, and it really helped me figure out my own personal style.  I don’t keep up with fashion friday like I used to and I am BEYOND flattered when someone mentions that I have good style or calls me a fashion blogger, because it’s quite opposite to why I started blogging my outfits.  Now though, fashion has become another creative outlet and I love my fashion friday community! I will continue to post our style tips because I love seeing other people’s style – especially just regular old people like us.

I would love you to take my family pictures – are you taking new clients?

At this time, I am NOT taking any photography clients.  I have had such a great run with my business and I feel so fortunate that I have been able to share my talents with others while supporting my family and being able to be home with my girls.  However, a full-time photography business takes a lot of TIME even if it is from home.  Now with my three little ones at home, I am committing myself to them and only them.  I will be using my photography talents to document their stories and to use for this blog and the brands I represent here.  There may be a time for me to shoot for business again, but until then if you are in the St. George area, please check out ashley flowers photography, and cher houston photography.

I am a photographer and would love you to teach me a thing or two, do you offer this?

Yes! I have come so far in my business by the gracious help of other photographers and it is important to me to give back.  I offer online as well as in-person one-on-one mentoring.  I am considering putting a workshop together if I have enough interest, but for now, I love the personalized touch of one-on-one teaching.  If you are interested in mentoring, click here.

I have a product I think you would like – will you do a product review on your blog?

I love working with small businesses for brand awareness – I also love sharing with my readers things that I use and love.  If you think your product would be a good match for me/my readers, feel free to email me directly at cassmillerphoto (at) gmail (dot) com and we will go over advertising and styling options.

Do you consider yourself an “attachment parent”?

I’m not totally sure what qualifies you as an attachment parent, or if I’m a fan of having a label on something as broad as parenting, but I do consider myself an attached parent.  I try to stay very connected to my children, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Brady and I tend to parent in a gentle way.  We try to celebrate who they are, each little spirit.  Each of our girls have been completely different and have different needs that need to be met.  We take things day by day, year by year, child by child.  We love to do things that strengthen our family and our connections with one another.  I have felt that things like home birth, baby wearing, nursing, co-sleeping (among many many other things) have helped me feel more connected to my children, although not every one of my child fell into each of these categories.

I would love to ask you about some things, can I contact you?

Absolutely! Feel free to email me.  I love connecting with my readers.