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Major Turns One | Birthday Fiesta

This year was officially the fastest year of my entire life.  The one year mark didn’t sneak up on me as much as it sped right to me like a semi on the freeway.  I couldn’t jump out of it’s way, and it was coming whether I wanted it to or not.

I love one year olds, but I also love 11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, & 1 month olds.  I love every single drop of that first year of babyhood and it’s so bittersweet seeing my own little baby turn one.  I just want moooore time, is that so much to ask?  Just like double – or triple the time?  Anyway, his first birthday came and just like the rest of his life here with us, it was absolutely perfect.

 Major smashing his cake was maybe the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  He was HAMMING it up for all to enjoy.  We haven’t stopped talking about what a little charmer he is.

 We are in love with this boy like we never knew was possible.  After a year, we have found that being the baby of the family AND the only boy is a pretty sweet place to land in life.

Easiest party in the world to throw is a fiesta!
Double easy if your party is in the remote vicinity of Cinco De Mayo!
We may be having birthday fiestas as a new tradition. :D

Upon requesting for Mr. Miller to wear “anything colorful or that you’d wear in Mexico.” He came out wearing this shirt that was a hand-me-down Tommy Bahama shirt with a PEP IN HIS STEP. (Much to my dismay, and not-so-subtle suggestions to change several times.)
You may not know this about Mr. Miller, but he can’t wait to be an old man.
Tommy Bahama shirts, beige Cadillacs, and early bird buffet specials are what I have to look forward to with this husband of mine.
Hopefully I can hold him off at least until he turns 35. ;)


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Are we done now?

Another month has ticked by where I feel like I have somehow cheated the system because I was given the perfect baby.

It feels like I got home from the grocery store, after spending $15 to find out that I received $50 worth of groceries.  I call the store, and they say, “Our mistake! You keep the extra groceries, you lucky lady, you!”

I’m so happy and in love with this baby, I almost feel guilty.Does everyone love their baby as much as I do?  Did I love all my other babies this much?  And I’m reminded that yes, they do, and I did.

“So.. are you done now?” they ask, abruptly bursting my baby bliss bubble.

Am I done? I think.  Am I done loving a tiny human this much?  Am I done smelling heaven at the nape of his neck every time I feel like it?  Am I done squishing perfect human flesh, filled with soft, billowy, heavenly chub?  Am I done being so very loved for zero reason or performance?  Simply because I am me, and that is so extremely, terribly enough for this little baby angel/human.  Am I done?  The question feels insulting.

“Three girls and a boy, that sounds perfect, doesn’t it?” Mr. Miller more states than questions.  And I agree, it does seem perfect.  But is it?  Can I close this chapter and be okay with the perfectness now?  Will the perfectness and fulfillment of my family this size last?  What about the next stage?  Will they all love me this much forever?  Will my womb ever stop longing for another to grow?  Will my hip ever stop asking for the weight of my own growing baby to sit?  Will my breast ever stop expecting to give and give and give?  Will my arms ever stop reaching out to pull my baby into them?  Will my soul be okay with never receiving another life through it?  These babies of mine have been life, they have been answers, they have been God, and love, and truth, and purpose.  These babies have been sometimes my sole source of happiness.  If I stop having them, will I be able to continue life by myself?  What will that mean for me?   What will that mean for us?

As these thoughts swirl through my head in a ferocious emotional storm, the baby fusses.  He’s hungry, and he clings tightly to me as I feed him.  His paws kneed at my chest, his legs wiggle on my lap, his fingers tangle into my dangling hair.  In this moment, I am every single thing he needs, and he is every single thing I need.  And that is so extremely, terribly enough.

Maybe I can’t finalize this chapter because I don’t have to yet.  Certainly he, and the heavens above, don’t need that answer today.  So I’ll put those questions in a box and pull them out much, much later.  Because I am in a love affair with motherhood in this stage right now, and the question of “maybe one more?” can dangle around and keep the magic abreast for a little while longer. ♥


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Major’s Birth | Part 3

As soon as he was out, the girls hopped down off the bed to either side of me.  Their little hands quickly grabbing hold of his, feeling his head, his back.  I couldn’t think of a time I had ever been more happy or fulfilled.

Harlo looked at him, “You’re right, mom.  He looks like a Major.”  Major is the name I had loved for a boy, but Harlo hadn’t been so sure until she saw him.  “Can we name him Major?” she asked.  My girls sat at my side as I delivered the placenta.  “Look girls!” I said “That’s where the baby lived while he was in my belly. That’s where he got all his nutrients to grow.” Janae held up the placenta and bag attached for the girls to check out.  Easily the coolest science project I’ll ever be able to show them.

I held him while we all oo’d and aww’d over his sweet little face, his too-big-for-his-body hands, his long feet and toes.  We were all completely smitten.  We giggled about how he looked exactly like Stella, and I told the girls about their own births and how they were the same and different from this one.

The girls helped Brady cut the cord while we all marveled in the miracle of life.  We snuggled into my bed in the wee hours of the morning and let the feeling of heaven opening right up for our family soak in.  Our boy was here, and life was all but perfect.

Mr. Miller has a son!


After Thoughts:

 My son’s birth was one of the sweetest experiences in my life.  Having my girls there to witness this miracle will go down as my favorite moment with them.  Their precious little spirits were so calming to me as I worked hard to delivery their brother.  Stella humming alongside me kept me focused and comforted, and it helped me accomplish my goal of bringing this baby into a calm, loving space.  Harlo’s excitement and wonder was just the most precious thing.  They weren’t nervous or worried, they were calm and thrilled.  There was never a single moment I wished they weren’t there.  They know me so well, and knew just how to help me in ways that no one else could have.  They are still talking about this experience even two months later.  They loved being a part of this, they were so mature and handled themselves so well.  What a sweet bonding experience it was for them and I.  My precious big girls!  Heaven sent.

This birth was my third natural home birth.  It surprises me each time how different my birth experiences can be.  Major’s labor was as sweet as they come, but he really made me work for every last bit.  I overcame physical limits I had never had to before.  Pushing out that strapping son of mine was hard work.  So hard, that I was certain he would be at least 9 lbs.. maybe 10.  I was only slightly disappointed when he was 7.13 – not even my biggest baby.  Ha! Major’s birth story will be my favorite labor, and my toughest delivery.  But worth every last drop, times one million.  Would I do it all over again?  Absolutely.  If I have another baby, would I do a natural home birth again?  For me, it’s the only way.  My babies have the absolute best of care and love as they come into this world.  My birth team, especially my midwife, is the best there is.  Janae loves my babies fiercely  – she handles them as they’re her very own.  She has supported me in some of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make, and has walked with me as I have found myself and settled into my own slice of motherhood.  Every pregnant mother deserves a Janae.  She is invaluable to me, and I know she was divinely placed in my life.

A few weeks before I delivered, I wondered if not finding out the gender was the right choice.  I felt myself being worried about the possibility of having a boy.  Two weeks before my due date, I asked Brady, “Should we just go get an ultrasound?” Ha!  I will tell you that that moment of finding out what our baby was – all together in that special way – was the most thrilling experience.  There was no room for worry or disappointment, and I’m so glad I got to experience that.  I have never experienced anything sweeter than that moment with my family.  If we have any more babies, there is no way we would find out ever again.  That surprise was just too too good.  What a wonderful welcome!

Major came into my life exactly when he was supposed to.  I know that more than ever.  He brought with him such peace, joy, healing, and faith restored.  Since he arrived, there has been an abundance of happiness in our home.  He is exactly what our family was waiting for.  Simply put, this boy is everything we never knew we needed.


Janae’s Website HERE

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my blessing way

A few weeks before I gave birth, my dearest friends threw me a blessing way.

I am not a big shower person, and tossed out that idea early on, but what I could agree on is an evening full of yummy food, good vibes, and a lot of womanly energy (and no gifts).  That sounded like my kind of scene.

During this time, I was having a serious case of the ‘pregnancy blues’.  Honestly, it took a lot of effort to let my friends make a fuss over me and have the energy to even show up to my own party.  I had been in a tough place for a few months.

I slowly felt my perspective shift as the days came closer.  I felt grateful anyone would join me in celebrating this precious baby coming into the world.  My heart was overflowing that my friends would support me in the journey I was about to embark on, giving birth.  I got ready for my special evening and felt a little lighter than I had in months.

The evening could not have been more lovely.  Ashley had a flower crown made for me, and I felt like a queen.  Darling birth affirmations hung in the window that I could take home and use for positive vibes and encouragement.  It was casual pot-luck style (my favorite) and each friend of mine had brought something she knew I was loving in my pregnancy.  There were pasta factory breadsticks, poppyseed salad, chips and queso, hummus and pita bread, sliced pineapple, coconut cupcakes… all things I had craved over the course of my pregnancy.  These were ladies who loved me enough to pay attention and remember the things I liked to eat while pregnant.  Sisters, that is love.

My friend Heather is such a lovely host and had set up the night beautifully.  We loaded our plates and sat on quilts in her gorgeous backyard, and chatted and laughed and enjoyed the crisp spring air.  When it got a little chilly, we piled into Heather’s living room, getting nice and cozy on the couches.  Each friend was asked to bring a set of beads representing all their children.  As we sat around the room, they presented the beads to me handing over their strength and love and positive energy.  Each friend had such sweet messages.  They talked about how our paths originally crossed and how much our friendship had meant to them in their own lives and motherhood.  A good few friends I had met through their own births, which was so sweet to remember.  Some I had met through my blog and they spoke of how it had been an inspiration to them in their lives.  Others had been in my life a long time and we had walked into motherhood together and raised all of our babies along side each other.  They strung the beads together for me for a necklace that I could wear during labor reminding me of the bond we all share in motherhoods and the strength and positivity to move forward.  Each girl also made a bracelet to help her to think of me the next few weeks and during my delivery.  It was just the sweetest sentiment, and made me feel so special and loved, as well as my growing little baby.

With each word spoken, I felt God.  He was right here in this room, guarding my heart and sending me the most tender of mercies right when I needed it most.  I felt so beautifully and divinely connected to each of these sweet mamas in this room.  I felt so grateful for their friendship and companionship in this life and on this sometimes tough road of womanhood and motherhood.  I felt supported and surrounded by the purest love.  It was a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.  God knows me and what I need so deeply.  He uses the people in my life to show his blessings.  I love that.  I am so grateful.

The energy from my blessing way would carry me through my last weeks of pregnancy.  It changed the course of my heart in this chapter.  It was exactly what I needed, and I am forever grateful for the beautiful friends I have been so purposely blessed with.

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don’t cry over low milk supply

Recently  I hit a milestone with a full year of breastfeeding!  It feels like such a sweet success.  I have come a long way in nursing since my first baby.  I have learned patience with myself and have had a lot of trial and error to see what has worked for us.  I have a very particular milk supply.  I can start drying up after a morning of not drinking enough water.  With my first baby, this resulted in starting to supplement with formula which quickly led to a complete drying up.  My next two rounds of nursing, I have learned to put up a good fight.  I lasted just shy of 11 months nursing Stella before she self-weaned and I am still nursing Grae at 12 months.  I am so thrilled about this!  It has been a journey for me, but I have done it.  I often get asked questions about what I use, so today I am sharing the herbs I’ve used to up my milk supply to help me exclusively nurse for a year – even with a finicky milk supply.

Five Week Formula – These are herbs my midwife has me start taking at 35 weeks pregnant.  They are packed full of herbs to help through the delivery process, one of which is milk production.  I swear by the 5 week formula having taken it 2/3 pregnancies.  So many benefits which include very minimal post partum bleeding, quick and abundant milk coming in, strong uterus/contractions during labor, and just a much faster recovery overall – including my belly shrinking back at a rapid rate.  But, milk production is probably my favorite and most important perk to these herbs.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is a magical pill for me.  I take 2 pills 3 times a day with lots of water.  By my second dose of the day, I can tell I’m filling up.  Nursing Stella, I took Fenugreek almost daily to keep my milk supply up.  I loved that it’s okay to take intermittently though.  On days I would wake up feeling nice and full, I didn’t need to take it those days.  Fenugreek also makes you smell like maple syrup, which may or may not be a perk for you.  Mr. Miller called me “short stack” the whole time I was nursing Stella.  :) Maple syrup smell doesn’t bother me, but if it bothers you, you have other options.  Also, sometimes Fenugreek doesn’t work as well for some people, which brings me to…

Blessed Thistle – My midwife says that Blessed Thistle works better for the majority of people.  If Fenugreek hasn’t worked as well for you (or if you’re not into smelling like iHop), Blessed thistle is a great option.  I have been using Blessed Thistle this time around and have had no complaints.  I have more experience with  Fenugreek, but I think Blessed Thistle works just as well.  I also take this 2 pills 3 times daily on the days I’m feeling less full and need a little pick me up.  Now I know my body enough and know if I didn’t eat as many calories that day, or drink as much, or have been feeling more depressed or very stressed, or have been super active.. all of these things affect my milk.  On the days I know I’ll need it, I start taking blessed thistle before I have signs of my milk dipping down.  I think this has really helped me stay on top of it.

Placenta Encapsulation – I had my placenta encapsulated after I delivered Grae.  I had heard so many good things about placenta encapsulation and how it has worked well for post partum depression, milk supply and hormone balance just to name a few.  Having suffered from PPD in the past, I knew it was worth a try.  I have been so thrilled with my experience taking my placenta pills.  I absolutely felt a difference in the “baby blues” days after delivering, which for me are usually pretty weepy.  My milk also came in abundance!  I took my pills religiously for the first 6 weeks and then have taken them intermittently throughout the year as needed for depression or milk supply.  I really think having my placenta encapsulated has made all the difference in a great supply this time.  I have found I need to take my herbs much less if I’ve taken my placenta pills.  There are SO MANY perks to encapsulating your placenta, you are crazy not to.  I would be happy to share more info on this, but for milk supply – it has my double stamp of approval.

Wait on the weight – Nothing will dry your milk up quicker than jumping the gun on losing the baby weight.  I KNOW it’s hard to be 20, 30, 40+ lbs more than you’d like to be, but let’s not forget that minor detail that our body just 1. created an entire human 2. birthed  that perfectly made human and 3. is now nourishing that rapidly growing little human.  I hate when those details get overlooked.  I don’t love to be in a size 8 or 10 when I’m used to being a size 2 as much as the next girl, but what I don’t like even more is losing my ability to breastfeed.  PLUS, I have found nursing working for me on the back end… I tend to keep my baby weight for that first six months or so for nursing (which makes sense because I’m nourishing two bodies at the same time that I need to keep some extra storage) and then in that last 6 months, I really feel like nursing helps it come off naturally when it’s supposed to.  I know lots of people who tend to keep the weight on the entire time they’re nursing, and I think it’s just what their body needs.  But when my weight starts to come off, my milk has a hard time.  Because I know my milk supply is sensitive, I have to prioritize that above other things.  Getting back into shape minutes after delivery is one of those things.  Sometimes having a positive body image doesn’t mean loving what your body looks like at any given time, but being patient with your body and extending love to it – and especially giving it a little credit for it’s current stage.  I will make it known that I didn’t lose a pound of my baby weight until Grae was over 5 months old.  It has slowly, slowly trickled off – the longest it’s taken with all three of my babes.  And wouldn’t you know it?  My best milk supply yet.

See a lactation consultant – This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but seriously – see a LC.  They are so well educated and can help with issues like this.  They can give so many suggestions.  I saw a lactation consultant twice this time around for two different reasons.  Sometimes a bad latch will cause a lagging supply, sometimes too many snack feedings, sometimes a baby who sleeps through the night too early will cause supply issues.  All of these things are something your midwife or lactation consultant can help with.  My lactation cost me $20 a visit and my goodness, what a bargain that was to get on the right track.  Especially if you don’t have a plethora of sisters or friends to talk to, a lactation consultant can be a true life saver!

I’ll close by saying breastfeeding isn’t always the easiest option – especially in that first 6-8 weeks, you feel like it’s a full time job – and some!  But once you get over that hump, things start flowing with ease.  Nursing my babies is absolutely at the top of my list for my most favorite thing in the world.  It is so worth trying to figure out if you can.


(beautiful photos of me nursing Grae c/o Ashley Flowers Photography)

 I’ll also say that I have no regret over opting to bottle-feed Harlo after some time and struggle.  It was best at the time for that situation.  I just wish I would have known I had a few more options to try out before making the switch, because once you switch over – there’s no going back. :)

Happy happy nursing my dear friends!  Wishing you all the very best.


(I’ll be answering questions in the comments – also if you have any tips to add, please do!)

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9 months of grae


Oh Grae Goldie locks…
Nine months is an age I look forward to EVERY TIME.
It is so much fun and it never fails to disappoint.
It’s where the personality far outgrows what can be contained in the small body.
Grae says: mama, dada, buh-bye, papa, MmmmMmmm, boo and a couple other wanna-be mimics if she’s in the right mood.
She waves, gives fives, plays peek-a-boo with her blanket.
At her 9 month check-up, she weighed 14 lbs 1 oz and is officially in the 0%.  When the doctor came in I said “I don’t know what you want me to do, because she doesn’t take a bottle, so I can’t supplement with anything and she will hardly tolerate solids, just barely.”  He laughed and said I’m doing all I can do.  She’s happy and healthy and that means it’s only calories she’s burning off faster than piling on.  She is just a petite little thing.  (She’s wearing a 1-2 month dress (as a shirt) in the pictures above.)
Her heart is also sounding the same.  We go back in the spring to the primary’s specialist to have a listen and see where to go from there.  Not a lot of news about that, but I’m still feeling okay about it.
The good news is that she finally eats solids on the reg.  Crackers, blueberries, bananas, avocado are the top of her list.
She’s had a major bout with constipation this month which means we’ve had to start giving her apple juice every few days.
I am a sugar-phobic when it comes to my babies, but apple juice does the trick to keep those bowls a-movin’, so I have to get over myself.
She also takes acidopholus like a champ!  Loves the plain flavor and always begs for more.
She had the flu over new years and it was awful! Brady, Grae and myself all had it, but poor Grae seemed to have it the longest.  Vomiting and water diarrhea for over a week.  She’d seem to get better one day, and then diarrhea would resume the next.  Luckily, she threw up only a day or two and then drank pedialite really well and never got dehydrated, which is what makes the flu so scary for babes.  It was a LOOOOONG two weeks with us being sick, but we’re alive and well to day and feel blessed that it skipped over the big girls.
She says “Mmmmm!” when she eats anything.
She’ll try to mimic me when I hum a little tune. (heart melter!)
She has 3 teeth on top, two teeth on bottom and basically feels like nursing a baby shark.
She doesn’t bite down in on big clamp.. she nibbles and chews as she eats and it’s soooo hard.  I’m not sure she even realizes what she’s doing, which makes it hard to stop.  If I gasps or yelp in pain, it hurts her feelings and she just melts right into a puddle.
Last week she broke the skin. (ooooowie!) Any any any tips on this would be great.
So far, I have been just ending the nursing session when she starts to nibble.  One week she’ll do great, the next week I’m being bit at every feeding. Oh mercy!
The big girls tote her around everywhere making other people nervous every minute, but I think it’s so dang cute seeing them do it and they have yet to drop her, so I’m chalking it up to sibling bonding.
The best thing is as the girls are awkwardly hanging on to her for dear life, she is content as can be.  Completely unphased that her life is being risked. ha!
She calls “mama!” out all day long.  “What?” I say, “mama!” she says, “what?” I say.. on and on all day.
When daddy gets home she always hears the door and says “Hi Dada!”.  It’s basically what dreams are made of, I tell you.
Every time she gets excited she starts bouncing wherever she is.
Throughout the day when I’m holding her she’ll put her mouth to my chest and bounce as she bonks her face on my skin saying “Mmm-Mmm-Mmm”.
When she gets tired she finds my skin on my chest and lays her head down on it.  If I’m not wearing a v-neck, she’ll pull my shirt down to allow enough skin for her to lay her head.
She is also finally napping on a schedule (of sorts).  She’s up at 7:30 everyday and 10:00 is the magical time where she is always ready for a nap.
I rock her and nurse her and before she’s out, I lay her in her crib and she rolls right onto her tummy and doesn’t make a peep.  She usually sleeps for 1 – 1.5 hours and then goes back down between 2 and 3 for another short little cat nap.  Then she’s ready for bed by 7.
A few weeks ago, after weeks on weeks on weeks of almost no sleep for the both of us, in a zombie-like phase I got desperate enough to lay her down in her crib and walk away.  I knew she was unbelievably tired but would not give in and would wake every time I put her down in her crib.  We were both at our wit’s end.  I left the room and let her cry for a couple minutes to regain my patience and start over again.  To my amazement, after a few minutes she just rolled over and went to sleep.  So the next day, I laid her down for her nap in her crib and walked out.  Fussed just as I left the room, then rolled over and went out.  That night, she didn’t even fuss, just rolled right over when I put her down and has been sleeping like a dream ever since.  No one is more shocked than me about this.
I had a horrible experience with “sleep training” my first baby, then refused to do it my second-round, but never needed to because Stella slept through the night at 2 months old and loved her bed.  Grae has been a completely different set of sleeping issues and it turns out, that letting her fuss that one single night has made all the difference in the world.
I love finding the thing that works, and for me, it’s been different every single baby.  Such a lesson in judging others for their choices.  I have been forced to make different decisions every time.
I will say that since Grae has been sleeping in her own bed 1/2 (or so) of the night and napping, I feel like a totally renewed woman.
I have had little bouts of depression sprinkled into this post partum time, so getting a decent amount of sleep/down time during the day has helped immensely.
Quick bit on nursing..
Now that Grae is eating more solids, I can feel my milk isn’t as full.  This happens to me each time the solids start and I’ve been lucky that Grae hasn’t wanted solids as much and to be able to have made it until now with little to no nursing issues.  I have been taking fenugreek and blessed thistle in this transitioning time, but have this week really focused on offering her milk before solids.  This rounding the corner from full-blown milk-a-thon all the time, to dwindling to naps and bedtime nursing is always hard on my mama heart.  I feel the end coming, but I have to allow this journey to turn however it may.  Grae has been nursing a lot this week and I feel like we’re not quite to the end yet and that has eased me.  I think It’s been more on my mind this time as well because we’re almost to the age Stella quit nursing so this will be my longest go with it.  I’m not sure I’ve been more grateful for anything as I have been for such a great nursing experience with Grae this time around.  We have had such a great attachment through nursing, I have had a wonderful supply – my best yet.  I haven’t had to supplement and have felt so good about exclusively nursing from the source (due to her refusal of bottles).  I haven’t had this experience before and it’s been a great one that I’ll hold close to my heart.  Nursing is far from easy, so making it through to this round feels like a great accomplishment.  More though, just something I’m grateful to have had with Grae.  It’s been what I needed this time.  I know that.
And speaking of big girl milestones, this lady is on the move! She has been army crawling for a bit, but just in this last week or two has really taken off where she can get to point A to point B with ease.  The last few days she has done a belly-off-the-ground crawl.
I think it’s safe to say, she’s mobile.
Of course, she only crawls in the 5 minutes or so a day she allows me to put her down.
She’s a mama’s girl, that’s for dang sure.  She’s definitely gotten friendlier with other people, but there’s still no other person in the world she’d rather be with than me.
And what a coincidence, because the feeling is mutual.
I love this baby madly.  With the very depth of my soul.
Life is good with our Grae Babe around.


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welcome home baby quinn

I’ve said it before – there is just nothing like bringing a new baby home.  If I could have a newborn constantly installed in my home, I would absolutely do it.  Only the fact that that same newborn turns into a toddler one day is what keeps me from having 10. ;)

Especially after I have shot their birth, I love getting back to that new baby the following week after they’ve settled in.  I love seeing how they’ve changed in the last week, and I love to see the bonds they’ve already formed with their siblings.  Baby Quinn was no exception.  She had her big sisters already wrapped tight around her little finger.  Her sweet mama was melting my heart with how much love she had for these three little ladies.


Gotta love the outtakes! If this pic doesn’t sum up what bringing a new baby home to toddlers is like, I don’t know what does! :D

 I’m hoping to book more births and newborn sessions this fall and winter.  If you’re interested, email me at cassmillerphoto (at) gmail (dot) com.

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I had a busy week of shooting, which has been a nice breath of creativity to my life.  I’m off to a commercial shoot today (wish me luck?), but had to introduce you to this sweet little one that arrived just in time for Mother’s Day.  Isn’t she perfect?  More of Miss Quinn to come very soon.

Normal posting to resume tomorrow (I hope).


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birthday month

I am so happy it’s February.  February is one of my very favorite months!  It might have a little something to do with it being the month I was born. :)

I have been in a slump this January.  January is always a transition to the real world after the busy work season, and who loves January anyway?  Pretty much no one.  It’s cold and miserable, nothing super fabulous happens in January, the kids are all cooped up inside… I think we can all agree that January is the pits.  But February… February is the season of love.  And if you live in the desert like we do, February is when Spring starts springing. (Punxsutawney Phil said so!)

This month I am going to try to do better than I did last month.  I am hoping to cook more, clean more, stay more organized.  I’m hoping to spend more time with my littles, be more available to my friends and family, and do more things that make me happy.  It is my birthmonth, afterall.

To start off a happier month, I am sharing with you such a sweet little session today.  Because what could be happier than two little twins turning one?  I got nothin’.

xo, C

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Baby Ayla at Home

Angela is my sister’s best friend and we have been so excited to welcome her new baby girl into the world.  Baby Ayla is absolutely precious!

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meet the Chappells | St George Family Photographer

Merry Christmas Eve, my dear friends!  We are having a nice relaxing day at home today.  We plan on having dinner tonight and baking a birthday cake for Jesus and going to our favorite round of christmas light houses.  If you’re from St. George, you know we’ve got some good ones this year!  I’ll be so sad when all is taken down.  It’s become our favorite nightly pass time.

Anyway, I thought the perfect gift to you would be a fabulous family session.  It’s been a while since I posted photo stuff. :/

A couple months ago, I hosted a giveaway on  my facebook page to celebrate 500 fans.  It was an exciting milestone for me and even more exciting when Ashlee and her gorgeous family won!

They live in Provo but were still happy to have a studio session while they were down vising for Thanksgiving.  We had such a magical session.  The Chappell’s have such a cool style, they’re so down-to-earth and they have the sweetest baby girl.  They were so sweet and grateful for their session, my heart wanted to explode.  I remember having just one baby girl and how sweet that time was for us, I was so happy to be able to capture that time for Ashlee and Nick.

I’ve been so excited to share this session with you!


Merry day to you and yours!

xo, Cass

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Baby Evyn | Southern Utah Photographer

Are you all surviving the pre-holiday bustle?

I hope so!

I’m off to shoot today, but had to leave you with this gorgeous one-year-old.

Heaven on earth, I say.  Heaven. On. Earth.

xo, C


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Welcome Home Baby KJ | St. George Newborn Photographer

**I am currently booking birth packages for the spring and summer, if you are newly pregnant and want your birth captured, email me! cassmillerphoto {at} gmail {dot} com**

Remember this sweet birth?  The Oliversons are back today with some newborn lovin’.

Have I told you how much I love having a fresh newborn in the house?  I think that it is the most wonderful thing in the whole world.  The time is so fleeting, but it is so magical.  And while I can’t keep a fresh newborn in my house all the time, I am lucky enough to go soak up the newborn goodness from time to time with the families who share it with me.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, C

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Family Love Field Style | St. George Family Photographer

The Hugie family is one of my very favorite families around.  As soon as Kyann booked her session, I knew I was in for a good time.  She’s so relaxed and easy and was stoked when I showed her this location.  A few things about this session…

  1. Their undeniable good looks + that location + the dreamy golden light that the Lords blessed us with = Photography Dream Come True!
  2. That little Addy has more personality and more wit in her tiny body than most adults I know.
  3. Kyann and Bentley have the sweetest love ever.
  4. That little Beckam is probably the nicest baby I’ve ever met.

And I may have squished that little Beckam just once…. or twice…. ;)

Are you as in love with this family as I am now?

xo, C

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Baby Lydia at home | St. George Newborn Photographer

So here is the final session of Cheri’s birth package.  See her lovely maternity session, here and her gorgeous birth, here.

It was such an honor to go through the maternity, birth and newborn process with these guys.  They have such a calm and peaceful energy surrounding them.  Their house is just overflowing with love.  Lydia was wide awake the entire time we were shooting, but I barely heard a peep out of her.  She is such an alert baby with these giant, beautiful eyes.  She gets her beautiful looks from her mama and has that daddy of hers absolutely wrapped around her finger.  I can’t wait to watch this little lady grow up.


To learn more about birth packages and pricing, email me at cassmillerphoto {at} gmail{dot} com.

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