Miller Halloween 2014

Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays.  This Halloween wasn’t quite as busy as last Halloween which made it all the more enjoyable!

My girls were easy this Halloween.  Stella saw a fairy costume in the store and was dead-set on wearing it.  I told her if we bought it, she wouldn’t be able to change her mind.  She agreed and never looked back.  This was the first of October, and true to her word, she never even mentioned another costume.

Harlo didn’t care as much for what she would be as long as she could wear “a gown all the way down to the ground.”  She cashed in her luck at Target, found a floor length gown in the form of an angel costume and she was completely satisfied.

An angel and a fairy – so fitting for my two big girls.

Then that left Grae on her own with no themed costume.  A cupcake? She would hate wearing that… Which lead me to… Kangaroos.  The perfect costume for me and Grae Bell in this season of life right now.  I cut out some felt, hot glued it to a headband and called it a day!
We got mistaken for bunnies more often than not, but if you can’t see that we’re kangaroos.. that’s more your problem than mine, is all I can say. ;) (my craft skills are limited – don’t hate!)

We rushed to Harlo’s Halloween parade at school first thing in the morning.  Of course Brady had an early meeting so I was on my own to get all of us ready and out the door by 9.  My girls both went with raggety hair, but what can we do?  Only the best we can!


From there, I had to rush (again) to get Stella to her preschool program.  I may or may not have been the ONLY mom in costume there, but again – what can we do?  To each their own, I guess.
Stella did so good in her sweet Halloween program.  I got this shot of her overwhelmed with excitement mid-performance.
That’s so my Stelly girl!


We had a relaxing afternoon at home before we headed out to our neighborhood trunk or treat.  Brady is sort of a poor sport when it comes to dressing up, so this year I didn’t make him. ;)

 (just kidding – he went as his alter ego, a computer geek.)
*Disclaimer to all you non-married girls out there… find the smart ones! They’re the best kind.*

We went all out on the make-up which is the highlight of my girl’s entire year! Harlo made the most beautiful angel and Stella the cutest little fairy!
Don’t even get me started on that little baby joey!

 Holiday mile-markers make me realize how much my sweet girls are growing up!

 I sure love this little crew of mine!
(thanks to neighbor Andi for making us pose for this picture on her porch! The only group shot we got all night!)


A Halloween success if I ever did see one!

Wishing you all the happiest November!




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  1. Chelsea November 4, 2014 at 3:22 pm #

    Your girls are so beautiful, I love reading your posts; always reminds me to check how I’ve been parenting myself lately. Thankyou

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